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Welcome to 911 Restoration of Miami, the best restoration service provider in all of South Florida! Since 1978, our water damage Miami company has provided the best water damage restoration services to homes and businesses throughout the Miami area with three main objectives: (1) provide an outstanding quality of service, (2) exude professionalism and (3) always put the customer first, without compromise. Our water damage Miami group offers exceptional water removal, mold abatement and sewage backup services performed by skilled technicians who are licensed, insured and bonded. Our water damage company Miami team understands that there are a number of disasters that can create household emergencies. 911 Restoration Miami considers it an honor to work in our beautiful city providing high-quality emergency water damage restoration and water cleanup to our valued community members. We are available 24/7 and offer same day service in our efforts to keep Miami residents safe from the devastating water damage disasters prone to our area!

Our 911 Restoration water damage Miami experts report that water damage restoration is the primary service offered due to the fact that water damage emergencies remain the most frequent debacles to cause chaos to the structural integrity of homes and businesses throughout South Florida. Miami is known for its hurricane season where whipping winds and hard rain can devastate buildings. In addition, pipe bursts, roof leaks, water heater bursts, and fire sprinkler malfunctions always keeps our water damage company Miami pros prepared and on our toes. Phone our experts for fast same day service whether you have water damage caused by sewage backup or a hurricane and we will respond within 45 minutes of your emergency call!

Can Sewage Backup Cause Water Damage?

Water damage doesn’t just stop at plumbing mishaps and bad weather—sewage backup causes water damage and its fiascoes account for a large percentage of the jobs we perform. When you experience a toilet overflow or sewage backup causes a pipe burst that sends black water up through your toilet and into your home, our water damage Miami sewage backup team is ready and armed with industrial strength equipment to perform top quality sewage cleanup and completely rid your home of the foul odor sewage produces. When you call our water damage Miami company you will be pleasantly surprised at our amazing versatility in skills to perform everything from grey water cleanup, to a full home restoration project! Don’t allow standing water to reside in your home for any period of time; call our water damage Miami experts and let us perform water extractions before the water damage can cause mold growth!

Is Mold Caused by Water Damage Dangerous?

Mold caused by water damage is incredibly dangerous and requires immediate removal from our water damage Miami mold remediation experts. Mold exposure causes congestion problems and it can also cause asthma, lung disease and in some cases even deaths have been reported due to mold exposure. One common thing that almost all water disaster situations share is that the chance for toxic mold spores to colonize in the home is great; especially if a subpar company came in and failed to completely dry the carpets and walls.  This is why we use the latest drying technology to ensure not a single drop of moisture is left behind. But if you do discover signs of black spores, our mold remediation experts will be there in a flash ready to offer a free inspection. If your home tests positive for mold we will remove every last spore, test inside your walls, ceiling, and under your floors for any single mold spore that thought it could get away. We even test the air to make sure there are no airborne mold spores threatening your family with a potential health problem. Give us a call today, even if you had a fire and need fire water damage cleanup, and let our water damage Miami company make your home a safe space for your loved ones today!

Who do I Call for Fire Water Damage Cleanup?

When you require fire water damage cleanup, call our expertly trained water damage Miami experts to restore your fire damaged home and extract the black sooty water. The disaster scenarios just keep rolling in, as household fires are also to blame for a portion of the water damage calls we respond to. Our water damage company in Miami is staffed with the best fire damage restoration team. Our fire and smoke damage techs are expertly trained to remove the acidic black charred remains of a fire damaged home. Keep in mind that when the fire department responds to a household fire, they spray hundreds of gallons of water into the structure to extinguish the flames. Our water damage company in Miami can perform water extractions at the water-logged and burned-out-home before completely restoring it to its previous condition. Call our water damage Miami fire restoration pros and we will work with your insurance company to ensure you get the coverage you deserve!

Will my Insurance Cover Water Damage?

You insurance will likely cover most water damage problems so long as they were not caused by homeowner negligence, and our water damage Miami company prides itself on working closely with each and every client to get the maximum amount of their claim covered. Many homeowners fear or hesitate in calling us because they are too emotionally overcome with stress to deal with their insurance provider. Because we value professionalism and always put the customer first, 911 Restoration Miami works with all insurance companies in order to help lift some of the stress and burden while ensuring things are done correctly. Our skilled insurance team will even go as far as filing your claim for you because we understand the complicated jargon and can easily navigate the claims process while fighting to ensure the maximum amount of your claim gets covered. If you have any out-of-pocket expense, don’t worry, we offer an affordable price that won’t break the bank. In fact, when you learn more about 911 Restoration Miami you will feel confident in letting our water damage Miami team perform your restoration services because we will crunch the numbers and offer you a free quote so that you will know exactly what your out-of-pocket expense will be. Call now for the best water damage company in Miami and get to know the extent of your water damage before matters get worse!

Who is the Best Water Damage Company in Miami?

Look no further; 911 Restoration is the best water damage company because the best class of service is performed by our water damage Miami technicians. We have over 35 years of experience and a spotless service record with all residents and businesses. In fact, you can even read our testimonials to see just how our valued customers feel about our services, technicians, and job quality. If you compare other water damage Miami companies side-by-side, you will quickly discover that nobody else comes close to touching the quality of service and professionalism we show our clients. Our affordable prices were created so not to cause stress to our client’s wallet. Whether you have a pipe burst in the kitchen, a rain leak, or a storm has flooded your crawl space, our water damage Miami professionals will quickly repair the damage using state-of-the-art equipment. While we restore your home we perform water extractions removing every last drop and we even restore your hardwoods, carpets, cabinets and drywall. If you have any questions or concerns for our water damage Miami technicians, give our caring customer service team a call. Don’t wait until the water damage situation develops into a more complex and costly problem, call 911 Restoration Miami now and charge us with the mission to protect your home and family today!

Let 911 Restoration Miami be your Vanguard!

Anytime you incur the wrath of water damage it can be a stressful time for your family that leaves you feeling hopeless and unsure. But knowing that you have the best water damage company in Miami standing by in the event of a flood, mold outbreak, or sewage eruption will arm you with real strength and a sense of security in the most troubling of times. 911 Restoration hopes that your home, business, and family members will stay safe and protected from any disaster life may bring. However, if water damage does rear its ugly head and tarnishes your well-being, call our water damage Miami company immediately so we can perform speedy water extractions, restore the damage, and treat you like family every step of the way!

Welcome to 911 Restoration of Miami, the best restoration service provider in all of South Florida! Since 1978, our water damage Miami company has provided the best water damage restoration services to homes and businesses throughout the Miami area with three main objectives: (1) provide an outstanding quality of service, (2) exude professionalism and (3) always put the customer first, without compromise.
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When a storm caused water to leak in from the roof 911 Restoration Miami arrived in 30 minutes and started pumping water out fast. They charged an affordable price and were professional all the way. They are the best water damage company in Miami!
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