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Water damage occurs when invading water enters a structure and causes destruction to a building’s materials in which wood can rot and surfaces can become de-laminated if not treated immediately by a 24/7 water damage Miami company that performs affordable same day water damage restoration on any category of intrusive water. Your hardwoods, concrete, and drywall are porous and can begin absorbing water like a sponge in mere minutes. Our 911 Restoration technicians understand that water damage in Miami is more common in areas with a higher probability to flood. One way you can be prepared to fight off water damage is to access the data specific to your home’s location to determine if you are at a higher risk. For example, there are several flood insurance rate zones that correspond to the 100-year old floodplains based on research by the Flood Insurance Study. In general, if your home is near open water (the bay, ocean, and large lakes) or the elevation drops around your property, you face a greater risk for incurring water damage from flooding.

Water damage in Miami doesn’t just happen from external sources; plumbing malfunctions like burst pipes or septic tank leaks can demand the need for our water damage Miami team to speed over and start pumping water from your property, And just as water from weather-related causes can vary in category severity, so too can water damage from a ruptured pipe. This is why you need to call 911 Restoration when there is water damage in Miami; we have over 35 years of experience in performing water extractions from all types of water that include:

  • Category One – Known as “clean water” this type can come from a bathtub overflow or fire sprinklers and contains no deadly bacteria that will immediately threaten one’s health.
  • Category Two – Known as “gray water”, this type comes from garbage disposal discharge or ruptured appliance hoses and contains minimal levels of bacteria that can make people ill.
  • Category Three – Known as “black water”, this type is deadly to people and can contain feces, toxic chemicals, and elevated levels of bacteria and diseases like e Coli and hepatitis. It can come from sewage backup spill or from ground water.

Our water damage Miami professionals understand that any of these water categories can cause structural damage to your property regardless of the bacterial levels, and depending on the water type certain remediation techniques will be required to ensure your health and safety. This is why our water damage Miami company from 911 Restoration believes that acting quickly incorporates part of the best water cleanup service, so we respond within 45 minutes of every call. We have nearly four decades of experience performing the most advanced water removal jobs while offering our IICRC certified mold removal services because due to Miami’s humidity and high moisture levels, untreated or poorly treated water damage almost always spawns structural mold. Our water damage Miami professionals have restored homes that also required mold mitigation from sources that include:

  • Toilet overflow and bathtub overflow
  • Pipe bursts
  • Hurricane damage
  • Multiple roof leaks
  • Fire sprinklers going off
  • Rain storms
  • Leaking water heater
  • Washer burst
  • Ruptured appliance hoses

When you call our water damage Miami pros you will gain peace of mind knowing that the water removal team in your home is fully licensed, insured and bonded to perform water extractions, make repairs, and remove mold related to these complications and others. Whether violent rain storms send water trickling down your walls from a series of roof leaks, or ruptured hoses turn your laundry room into something that resembles the Everglades, phone our water damage Miami crew members and, because we always put the customer first, we will teach you how to prevent water damage from striking again before we leave your property!

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Preventing water damage in your home requires taking a number of preventative measures, and our team of water damage Miami experts say to begin by inspecting your roof, You can inspect your roof as part of your water damage prevention tactics by following these steps:

  • Look for visual red flags like damaged or missing shingles and have them replaced
  • If you have a flat roof look for patched, tears and cracks as well as blistering (signs that moisture has already likely invaded your materials causing mounting water damage). You should also enter your attic and inspect for patched or wrinkled areas.
  • Look for excessive crumbling of roofing cement
  • Check the flashing for buckling
  • Check vents to make sure they aren’t clogged or damaged
  • Check chimneys for damaged bricks, missing or loose flashing, cracked joints, and signs of leaning
  • Clean gutters free from debris and aim downspouts 10 feet from your home to prevent water damage to the foundation.

Our water damage Miami experts warn property owners to call a professional roofer if any damage is discovered that goes beyond the scope of a simple quick fix. When gaps in your roofing materials go unprepared water from the next big rain storm can penetrate down to the matting, into the attic, and infiltrate your ceiling causing extensive water damage that could have been easily avoided.

Water damage in Miami homes and businesses can also result from plumbing problems. Whether you live in a historically protected art deco condo by the beach or you have a ranch style home in the east part of Miami, pipes can break and cause extensive water damage. Even a pin leak can be disastrous, as it can expel water at a slow rate inside your drywall and by the time it is noticed you already have a major water damage problem on your hands. Furthermore, plumbing disasters can require the need for our water damage Miami crew members to perform sewage backup and cleanup services due to category three black water from your sewer line flooding the living space. You can prevent this type of water damage by doing the following:

  • Caulk around pipes at the point where they enter the structure
  • Disconnect garden hoses and drain your in-ground irrigation system
  • Check pipes for cracks, leaks, and rust
  • Test your water’s hardness. Hard water can cause mineral deposits to build up in your pipes causing blockage
  • Replace any cast iron or clay plumbing systems with plastic pipes, as these materials were used in homes built at the turn of the century and are due to fail at any time

Hurricanes also pose hefty threats, and our water damage Miami team advises property owners to do the following when a hurricane or storm is predicted to strike:

  • Use storm shutters or board up your windows with plywood that is 5/8 inch or greater
  • Install sump pumps in your crawlspace and lower levels
  • Ensure landscape does not run at an angle towards the home or that it is level with your structure
  • Inspect windows and doors for gaps
  • Cover roof with plastic tarps
  • Bring all outdoor furniture and décor inside

Water damage is responsible for millions of dollars in losses every year in the Miami area. If you experience a pipe burst in your kitchen or an appliance bursts and sprays gray water everywhere, you need our fast water damage Miami techs form 911 Restoration. When it comes to the safety of your home and family, don’t settle for anything less than the best; call our water damage Miami crew and let us take on your burden.

What is the Best Water Damage Miami Company?

The best water damage Miami company is 911 Restoration because we value professionalism in offering the finest quality work, and we always put the customer first. We communicate very closely with the city of Miami and all emergency outlets, so when a hurricane or a major catastrophe strikes we can respond quickly with our water removal skills and the latest drying technology. We offer fast same day service to perform water extractions in homes and businesses throughout the greater Miami area with a guaranteed fast response time. Furthermore, we are licensed, insured and bonded to even perform the more obscure and complicated water cleanup jobs through our fire damage restoration services aimed at treating destruction caused by firehoses in the wake of flames breaking out.

When we perform our disaster restoration services our water damage Miami pros promise to: (1) provide an outstanding quality of service, (2) exude professionalism and (3) we strive to restore your home to something even better than its pre-loss condition to give your family even greater enjoyment of the living space. 911 Restoration Miami considers it an honor to work in our beautiful city providing high-quality emergency water damage restoration and water cleanup to our valued community members at an affordable price while working with all insurance companies. There are a number of devastating water damage disasters prone to our area, and no matter the cause or the size of the catastrophe, call our water damage Miami pros from 911 Restoration without delay and we will restore your home to something that far exceeds your greatest expectations while working through your insurance company!

Water damage occurs when invading water enters a structure and causes destruction to a building’s materials in which wood can rot and surfaces can become de-laminated if not treated immediately by a 24/7 water damage Miami company that performs affordable same day water damage restoration on any category of intrusive water.
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