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Most Common Causes For House Fires

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on August 25, 2022 in category: Fire Damage Repair

Any one of many causes can quickly turn a beautiful, well-built house into a blazing furnace. This is the bad information. The good information is that most house fires are easily avoided. An increased focus on household fire prevention can reduce the likelihood of residential fires. Here are some details from 911 Restoration of Miami, the local disaster recovery company about the most frequent causes of fires as well as how to prevent them. If you need assistance with fire damage restoration, please give us a call at (305)-280-0755 for a free visual inspection. 

Most Common Causes Of Home Fires

Every home should have fire safety awareness as a priority. Each member of the family should have a basic understanding of what causes home fires and be clear about their individual roles in fire prevention. The first step in building awareness is to identify fire hazards and unsafe conditions within the home. These are the most common causes of house fires and fire safety tips that can be used to protect yourself.

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Portable Heaters

Space heaters placed less than three feet from walls, furniture, drapes, or any other items in a home can set off a fire. About 5% of residential fires can be attributed to portable or built-in heating equipment. To ensure that portable heaters are in compliance with residential fire safety standards, have them inspected every year.

Overloaded Power Strips

It is common to have several power strips in your house to increase the number of outlets. Power strips can be dangerous if they are not used correctly or are damaged. An ESFI report shows that power strips and extension cords are responsible for over 3300 house fires each year and injure hundreds. Every occupant of your house should be aware of the fire safety requirements when using power strips. This will help reduce the risk of residential fires.

Unattended Candles

Great candles can add a wonderful atmosphere and aroma to your home, making it a relaxing place. House fires are often started by neglected candles. Place candles away from drapes and tissues, lamps, books, tissue, tissues, pillows, mattresses, bedding, clothing, walls and any other flammable items. Even if you only have a few minutes, blow out the candles before leaving the room.

Electric Appliances

If the power cords are frayed or defective, small electrical appliances such as toasters and coffee makers can cause fires. These electrical appliances are responsible for 6.9% of all house fires. A fire hazard is an electrical outlet that has too many energy-consuming appliances, plugged into double adapters. Don’t overload your electricity supply, or use an extension cord.

Smoking In Bed

More than half of all house fire deaths occur in the bedroom. Most of these deaths occurred at night. This alarming number serves to remind everyone of the importance of fire safety practices when managing your home’s smoking, especially at night. 

Cooking Errors

FEMA reported that shocking 50% residential fires were cooking-related in 2019. People can become distracted by other activities or conversations, and sometimes they let themselves drift away to other rooms. Unattended pots and pans left on the burners can heat up and ignite, causing a fire. When cooking, be sure to stay close to the heat source. If you have to leave the kitchen for a while, you can ask someone to watch it.

Fire Safety In Your Home

To ensure optimal fire safety at home, homeowners should not only follow the specific safety tips, but also these general safety recommendations:

  • Fire Safety Inspection Nearly 7 percent of house fires are caused by electrical system problems. Each home should undergo a comprehensive fire safety inspection that includes lighting fixtures, wiring, HVAC equipment, wiring, gas lines and chimneys.
  • Fire Safety is the main focus According to FEMA, 7.7% of home fires are unintentionally started by inattention to hazards. Many residential fires are caused by failure to pay attention to fire safety during daily activities.
    • FEMA estimates that home fires are caused by flammable liquids. This is why it’s important to focus on fire safety.
    • When tending to open flames in fireplaces or barbecue grills or fire pits, it is important that you do not give up.
    • To prevent children from being in danger when playing with fire, supervise them.


Additionally, it is crucial to have working smoke detectors at all appropriate places in your house in case there is a home fire. Working smoke detectors can help you and your family protect against any potential loss of property or risk to your life if there is an error made by you or someone else.

911 Restoration of Miami

We are a disaster relief company serving all of the Miami and surrounding areas. We offer flood and fire damage restoration, as well as mold remediation and removal services. Locally owned disaster restoration service. Our company works directly for you, the customer, and not your insurance company. We aren’t compelled to rush to complete fire restoration and other reconstruction work.

We offer emergency disaster cleanup services 24 hours a day, with a response time of 1 hour. All of our damage restoration work, including fire and smoke cleanup, is guaranteed by us. Ask about our financing options. The highest industry certifications for disaster restoration are held by our professional disaster recovery team.

For more information and immediate assistance, call our IICRC-certified 911 Restoration team of Miami at (305)-280-0755 or use our online contact form to request a free inspection of any damage that is covered by insurance.

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