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Water Damage Pembroke Pines

To provide people with the best ceiling leak restoration experience in the industry, Tomas Lelczuk, the owner of 911 Restoration Miami and the water damage Pembroke Pines team make sure to always put the customer’s needs as the highest priority for every job they take on.

Water Damage Cleanup TechGiving people the highest quality restoration can only come about from professionals who have dedicated themselves to the industry, and this is why Tomas and his team are IICRC certified to handle all manner of work.

“There’s nothing that we don’t do in the restoration field, and we are always ready for a new challenge,” Tomas says. “We are constantly training and working with all of the latest and greatest technology to give people a five star restoration experience.”

Part of that superior quality experience comes from Tomas’ ability to be at the scene of a flooding event quickly. This is why he and the water damage Pembroke Pines crew will arrive within 45 minutes of a call for assistance.

“We are also available 24/7/365 to handle anything that springs up in homes or businesses no matter what time of day or night,” Tomas explains. If your home is experiencing a ceiling leak, water heater flood, or any kind of weather related water damage problem, contact Tomas and the Pembroke Pines team with 911 Restoration Miami today!

Preventing A Ceiling Leak Situation

Tomas and his water damage Pembroke Pines crew know all there is to about how to alleviate the challenges presented by any sort of water intrusion into the home or business, but they are also experts at preventing such instances in the first place too.

Ceiling Leak Restoration“These are but a few of the ways that people can protect themselves and their homes during extreme weather or just regular water damage incidents, but it’s not all there is to know, and if people have any remaining questions they should give us a call for help anytime,” Tomas says.

“We field calls all the time from people who just want help preventing water damage in their homes, and so we created a list of simple maintenance tasks that will give homeowners and businesses alike a leg up,” Tomas explains.

  • Never let the debris in your gutters pile up too much or you may run the risk of overflows which can infiltrate your roof and cause ceiling leaks.
  • Check on the fittings and rubber connectors and hoses that attach your appliances to the water line for any wear and tear that may grow under pressure.
  • Make sure to direct the outflow from your downspouts at least five feet away from the foundation to prevent liquefaction from taking place and destroying your foundation.
  • Have a plumbing expert or a restoration professional inspect your entire system and home for any small issues that may grow with time or water pressure.

If your home is going through a local area flooding event, or if you have a ceiling leak from a severe storm, then don’t wait to call Tomas and the water damage Pembroke Pines crew with 911 Restoration Miami for help today!

Toilet Overflow Situation Too Much For Disabled Homeowner

Most of the time when Tomas and his team get called out to a toilet overflow job, it is because people didn’t know how to shut off the main valve in their home, but recently Tomas took on a project for a homeowner that couldn’t clean up for themselves as easily.

Water Damage Restoration Vehicle“We got to the home and found that the homeowner had recently broken both of their legs in a car accident, and the toilet overflow normally would have been something they’d clean on their own, but because they lost most movement, the task was just too much at the time,” Tomas states.

Seeing that this was an opportunity to really help someone during their time of need, Tomas and his water damage Pembroke Pines crew got straight to work, clearing out the clog and overflow in the toilet, and then extracting all of the water.

“Since we got there quickly, we were able to save this house from the majority of damages that could have taken place,” Tomas says. “Then we immediately began with the extraction process to make sure that no mold growth could take place.”

After eliminating all of the category three water from the toilet overflow and installing air movers to dry out the property, Tomas and his team even helped out with all of the insurance paperwork for the homeowner.

“We just felt that they had enough on their plate to deal with after the car accident and the toilet accident that we wanted to go the extra mile and really help out,” Tomas explains. So, if your home is having a toilet overflow incident run amok, then don’t wait until to grows mold, contact Tomas and the water damage Pembroke Pines crew with 911 Restoration Miami today!

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