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When hurricanes strike, the city faces the constant risk of flooding. That’s why 911 Restoration Miami, along with our dedicated water damage South Miami Heights team, is available round the clock, every day of the year. We guarantee a rapid response time of just 45 minutes to any emergency call you make.

Originating in the southern Atlantic Ocean, tropical storms traverse northward, eventually reaching Florida and the Caribbean. Given its proximity to the Eastern shores, South Miami Heights often bears the brunt of these powerful storms.

In addition to our prompt assistance, our experts are well-equipped to assist you with insurance claims. We understand the challenges posed by larger hurricanes, such as roof damage, city-wide waterline flooding, and household leaks that impact the entire community.

Whether your property has been affected by rain or a plumbing disaster like a toilet overflow, don’t hesitate to contact our water damage South Miami Heights team for professional water damage restoration services. We’ll arrive equipped with cutting-edge drying technology to lead you through this challenging time and provide the support you need.

Choose 911 Restoration Miami for reliable water damage restoration in South Miami Heights.

Call Us For A Toilet Overflow

Call our water damage South Miami Heights professionals when you have a toilet overflow and we will respond within 45 minutes with the latest drying technology to make your home safe again. While we are on our way, you can close your main water line and shut down your electricity to limit future damage.

Once our water damage South Miami Heights staff arrives, we will start pumping water from your home and, once we finish our drying and clean up services, we will help you prevent future water damage by:

  • Water Damage Restoration Of Front RoomCleaning your gutters and downspouts
  • Installing a sewage back flow valve
  • Inspecting your plumbing
  • Removing clogs
  • Fixing your water line
  • Testing your water heater
  • Checking your fire sprinkler

911 Restoration South Miami Heights has over 35 years of experience in all disaster restoration services, so we know just what to do in order to ensure your property never falls victim to floods again.

We treat everyone with respect and emphasize with the victims of any disaster, so we are licensed, insured, and bonded to provide top notch water removal service at an affordable price.

Call our water damage South Miami Heights technicians when you need water extractions so that we can take care of the water damage before it causes mold.

Water Removal Services Are Truly Affordable

Water removal is affordable if you choose 911 Restoration for your water damage South Miami Heights services. We use the latest drying technology to get the job done fast and the best thing about 911 Restoration Miami is that we work with you on a budget that will take care of your drying and clean up needs.

Water Damage Restoration Truck At Job LocationResidents in the state of Florida are required to purchase flood insurance, so chances are your policy will cover any expenses that you need.

Flood insurance will fund any water damage repairs needed after hurricanes and other storms, where as homeowner’s insurance will look into plumbing repairs and appliance failure.

Both policies often require preventative maintenance around the house in order to be in affect. For flood insurance, this may be as simple as cleaning out your gutters and downspouts.

Homeowner’s insurance may require a little more work such as replacing an old water line or installing a sewage back flow valve.

Our water damage specialists with IICRC-certified 911 Restoration Miami would be happy to undertake those projects for you because we want to be the positive in your negative situation today!

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