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Sewage Backup Miami: How Your Life can Become a Horror Film

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on June 30, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup


Sure, we all know that black water from your septic tank and sewage pipes is filled with nasty bacteria and viruses, and although the best sewage backup Miami company has never witnessed this horror first hand, some believe that exposure to sewage may turn you into an excrement monster! This may sound totally insane (and we know it is) but according to 2013 horror flop ‘Septic Man’, a plumber exposed to raw sewage slowly transforms into a walking monster made out of…well…do-do. Clearly the movie “stinks” and Fangoria gave it a poor review but despite this movie’s silliness and downright foulness, the film makes one thing very clear: raw sewage is something that should be avoided.

What can a Sewage Spill do to Your Home?

Just ask a sewage backup Miami pro and he will say a sewage spill can cause serious water damage and spread bacteria throughout your home. When black water floods your house from a pipe burst or a toilet backflow, you will need immediate sewage cleanup services or you may notice that your left arm is slowly morphing into yesterday’s bowl of chili!  When the contents of your plumbing floods the rooms in your house you need to remember that your construction materials are very vulnerable to the fecal stew that threatens them. Your hardwoods, drywall, and concrete are porous and absorb water causing them to expand and crack. Not only do you want to keep sewage out of your home because it is gross and can cause you to transform into a doodie man, it can also damage your floor and walls!

What’s in the Poop Soup?

Raw sewage, like the script for ‘Septic Man’, contains a number of bacteria and filth that can make you incredibly sick. Just ask a sewage backup Miami technician and he will warn you that black water typically contains E coli and hepatitis A, and can even include cholera. If you were forced to spend time around such a cauldron of caca, you may begin to feel just as foul, and we all know that the poor unfortunate plumber in ‘Septic Man’ was indeed reduced to the very vile that no homeowner should never have to deal with. By having your plumbing inspected every year and caring for your home’s pipes, you can help keep black water spills from disturbing your life and prevent a Septic Man sequel from fowling things up!

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