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When Michael Jackson’s Thriller Meets a Sewage Spiller

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on April 20, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup

Unless you spent the last 31 years living on Mars, you should recall the highest grossing music video of all time—Michael Jackson’s 1983 ‘Thriller’ depicting zombies crawling from their tombs and dancing up a storm. The video doesn’t indicate what it was that caused the corpses to feel the urge to leave what was suppose to be their final resting place. Could it have been a sewage spill? In St. Louis, Missouri a failed above-ground manhole caused raw sewage to leak into a river that ran through and fed the grounds of the Resurrection Cemetery. Although no sightings of zombies were confirmed, raw sewage is so foul that it seems it could encourage even the messiest decomposed corpse to scamper on out of his grave and do the Thriller line-dance in celebration of his great escape from his gross grave of fecal fodder.

The 411 on Your Manhole

Manholes are typically found in urban areas like in streets or on sidewalks, but some homes have these systems—especially those located in rural areas. In some cases homeowners may not want to be connected to county sewer systems and will opt to having their own configuration in place. The last thing you want is for your sewage system to bleed out into your ground and enter your home’s foundation or crawl space—if this happens you will need to call an emergency sewage cleanup company right away before the damage becomes more complicated to remediate. Furthermore, you don’t want that dog you buried back in 1988 to be chased out of his grave by any sewage spill and to appear doing the power-slide while clapping his paws above his head with frightening children looking on. By understanding what kind of a manhole system to have installed on your property, you can make a more educated decision that may just save your property from becoming ghoulishly foul from black water and dancing zombies.

Dual Containment Manholes

If you want a manhole that offers a variety of configuration options, consider a dual containment format. Although this version will provide challenged for the person designing your system, it allows you to select the best configuration to meet your needs.  For example, some manholes can be used as an extended annular space that gift multiple leak detection options, as well as valve containment options. In typical configurations the carrier pipe jetting from double-wall piping will progress through the manhole itself allowing the system’s components (like measurement devices and flow control) to be installed in an actual containment vessel itself. This type of a system provides extra barriers against disastrous spills thus minimalizing the likelihood you will have to call a water damage specialist down the road.

Cause this is Spiller; Spiller Night

Okay, so this is not the song you want neighbors signing if sewage pollutes your ground and causes dancing corpses to body pop in your front lawn. If you are considering a self-contained sewage system with a manhole, make sure to discuss the pros and cons with a professional. Based on your home, land, and family you may need sumps, multiple valve boxes, KO pots, various tanks and a pump station designed to work with maximum safety for your circumstances.  Don’t let the neighbors point at your home and sing, “and no one’s gonna save you form the feces about to strike”, do the smart thing, keep the dead sound in the ground, and ensure your system safely contains sewage with no head-bobbing stinky shenanigans on the horizon.

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