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Headed Out for the Winter? Preparing Your Home in Miami for Vacation

Published by SEO on November 10, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

preparing your home for vacationPeople go on vacation to feel relaxed and worry-free; however, you can’t stay calm when you know your things back home could get damaged without you being there to protect them.

If you neglect to prepare your house before heading out on vacation, you may end up coming home to a whole lot of expensive damage. Hence, it is a good idea to prepare your home using these steps before you leave for any trip.

If your house does face any damage, don’t worry! Restoration companies, like 911 Restoration, are there at your service to fix and restore your property using their professional techniques and equipment. At 911 Restoration, we deal with all kinds of damages, including water, mold, and fire damage.

Here are some tips to help you make sure your home stays safe while you’re gone.

Make Sure Important Parties Know You’re Going Out of Town

Ensure your home security company and credit card companies know that you are going away for vacation, so they are aware of any unusual charges and activity. If you don’t have a home security system yet, get one installed before heading out. Those would keep your home safe.

You can also let your neighbor know about your vacation plan and when you’re heading out. Ask them to keep an eye out and check your property regularly if something feels out of the ordinary.

Take Steps to Make It Look Like You Never Left

This step would keep the thieves out of your property. Empty-looking houses are the easiest to rob, so make sure your house looks like there are still people in it. You can ask your friendly and trustworthy neighbor to park their car in your driveway and pick up your mail or packages so they don’t pile up.

You can even install a smart home security system that would help you turn lights on and off through your phone without actually being present there. Keep some blinds open before you leave so the potential burglars can see when the light is turned on and make it look like someone is present in the house.

Reassess Your Insurance Policy

Before you head out for winter, it is a good idea to call your insurance company and be aware of what’s covered and what isn’t in terms of weather incidents and property damage. This information would help you be at peace on vacation, knowing even if your property gets damaged, there will be someone to cover the expenses for it.

Check for Electrical and Plumbing Issues

Fire, water, and mold damage can cause considerable amounts of damage to your property, and the most careless mistakes can cause them.

For example, keeping your electronic devices plugged in while you’re away not only increases your electrical bills but can also cause potentially dangerous issues such as fire damage to property.

An electrical short near a flammable object could cause a fire that would spread because you won’t be there to catch it quickly. Keep your home safe by unplugging all electrical equipment before leaving.

Cold climates can also lead to plumbing issues such as frozen pipelines that could burst and cause flooding in homes. Hence, you should get your pipes checked before leaving to avoid this damage.

Keep It Clean

Even though no one wants to clean their house before heading out on vacation, don’t avoid taking this important step. Coming home to a dirty, smelly house is never fun. For example, you could take steps to give away food in your fridge or use it up before you would prevent food from rotting.

You don’t have to clean the house thoroughly. Simple steps like doing a load of laundry, a quick sweep of the fridge, and maybe a light vacuuming will ensure you come home to a much more welcoming space that might help you feel like you’re still on vacation.

Note Any Dangerous-Looking Trees in Your Yard

If you live in a windy city, then this step is crucial to keep your house safe. If you are suspicious about trees in your property that could fall, then get them checked out by a tree expert before you leave on vacation.

Some trees to be mindful of look like the following; trees that look like they might tip over with a strong wind gust or trees that have widespread branches that hang over your roof that could break and fall on your property. If you have any trees that fit this profile, then take action before you head out.

This step may be expensive, but not as expensive as getting your property fixed after the damage.

Check All the Windows and Doors

Right before you head out, check all the windows and doors to see if they’re properly locked. Not only is this to protect thieves, but also protect your home against water damage during rains. It will keep all the moisture out and keep your property safe.

When to Call 911 Restoration

If your property has suffered some damage due to your negligence, then call a reputable restoration company in Miami to restore the damage for you. Call them now at (305) 280-0755!

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