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Water Removal Techniques After A Hurricane

Published by Jennifer on July 15, 2017 in category: Current Event, Disaster Prevention, Flood Insurance, Floods, Natural Disaster, Water Damage Restoration

People living in Miami definitely see their fair share of hurricanes in their community, which makes it essential that homeowners stay prepared all year long.

By maintaining your household not only will you prevent permanent damage, but it will help you get the most coverage out of your insurance policy if you ever have to file a claim.

Above all else, staying safe during a storm and hurricane is the most important part of dealing with a hurricane, which is the main reason to safe your household.

The best way to avoid hurricane damage in your home is to act before the storm ever begins. This can include a variety of steps, most that are relatively simple to implement.

Prep Your Home Against The Effects Of A Hurricane

By making a few simple adjustments on your home can make a huge difference on how your property handles a hurricane. By implementing this easy protocols you can be sure that your family is safe and even save yourself some money.

Your garage is actually the most vulnerable area of your home during a hurricane, and in extreme cases can create a build up of pressure in the area that can cause the roof to fly off. By reinforcing the garage with a brace then it can minimize wind damage.

Windows and doors are easily broken during a heavy storm, and this will end up exposing your home’s interior to wind and rain. The wind can also increase the pressure under the roof, which can end up causing the roof to detach from the home’s structure. By boarding up and locking down windows and doorways you can stop this damage from taking place.

It is obvious that the roof is affected greatly during a hurricane and is susceptible to detaching due to the wind pressure. By bolting it down, sealing up any cracks and replacing any broken shingles you can keep your roof secure and stop any water damage.

Maintaining your lawn is also of value when prepping for a hurricane. Keeping your trees trimmed and removing any loose branches you can stop tree limbs from become projectiles during the storm and flying into your home.

Water Extraction Is Key To Preventing Water Damage

Even by taking all these precautionary steps you may still incur water damage during the hurricane.  Water extraction is the main step you want to take during the recovery process, and there are specific things you should keep in mind during this process.

Packing out the flooded area is the first thing you need to do after a storm has passed. This will help clear the area to make room for the sump pumps, wet vacs, dehumidifiers and air movers that may be needed to remove the water. It will also speed up the drying time of any soaked furniture and textiles.

Special attention needs to be placed on the carpet, as well. You need to inspect your carpet and the pad underneath to see if it needs to be removed. In some cases it will need to be replaced all together in order to protect the subfloor.

The amount of water that has intruded the premises will determine the way the extraction process should take place. Minor incidents may only require towels to be laid down to soak up the water, along with fans placed in the saturated room.

For larger flooding events you may need to hire professionals to use high-powered equipment that will remove the water in large quantities at a time in a short period.

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