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Water Damage Tips for Homeowners: What’s with all the Miami Pipe Hype?

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on March 26, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

water damage tips for homeowners Miami

A pipe burst may sound like a simple little quick fix, but in reality it can devastate homes and even entire city blocks in the matter of minutes. Recently a pipe burst disaster in London, England caused an entire block of homes to suffer from water damage. While cities have an obligation to maintain their water lines, homeowners should also take the necessary steps to help protect their home’s integrity from the mayhem of pipe bursts.

How do Miami Pipe Bursts Occur?

As Miami is not prone to pipe freezes, the main cause for pipe bursts pretty much comes down to outdated materials and components, hard water, and the trees planted in your yard. The majority of emergency calls taken by water damage restoration specialists result from antiquated pipes that broke down. If your home was built in the early 1900s, or earlier, you may have clay or cast iron pipes unless the home has been updated. Clay and cast iron pipes breakdown over time and can cause devastating home floods from a pipe burst. You would be wise to update your plumbing, even if it costs you a few thousand dollars. Keep in mind that any updates to your home such as plumbing will likely put money back in your pocket, as this update will add resale value to your home.

Hard water is another culprit for pipe bursts. When hard water travels through your pipes mineral deposits like calcium can buildup and result in a blockage. Pipe blockages can create a tremendous amount of pressure that will eventually cause the pipe to burst in another location away from your wall of compiled minerals.  You can pick up a cheap water testing kit at any major home improvement or hardware store to see if your pipes are being threatened. If hard water is present simply buy a water softener and add it about once every six months—this will also make your tap water taste better, and your food will have less of a mineral taste.

We Floridians know that having an abundance of trees on the property is great for providing shade for those family barbeques, and depending on their position some trees can even help cool a home reducing the energy bill. But did you know many types of trees can cause a pipe burst? There are over 100 species of trees that grow in Florida whose roots naturally seek out moisture in the ground. When your main sewer and water lines sweat and produce moisture droplets on the pipe’s exterior tree roots will seek out the moisture and puncture or even collapse the pipe. Any experienced water damage restoration company will tell homeowners to be aware of what species they have growing on their property, and to make sure that the trees are at least two meters from any main lines.

Are Sump Pumps Worth the Investment?

Sump Pumps can be wise investments, depending on the home. A sump pump is a small pumping device that is installed in the basement or crawl space that helps keep the area dry from flooding. Typically a sump pump is installed in a custom pit where water flows via drains or natural water mitigation through the soil. The sump pump is designed to pump the water from the building to ensure the home is left bone dry. If your home is situated near a body of water or if it is located on an incline, having a sump pump will reduce your risk of heavy rain causing nearby water levels to raise and flow into your home.

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