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Water Damage Miami: Water Heater Leaks, They Are Kind of a Big Deal

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on June 4, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

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When many of us encounter a minor water heater leak, we may be inclined to shrug and walk away thinking, “Hey, it’s no big deal”. But in reality it is a big deal and any professional water damage company will tell you that a significant portion of their emergency calls resulted from a home flood that started out as a seemingly innocent leak. If your water heater is leaking minimal amounts of water that resemble the tears of a baby deer, this is no semblance of innocence. Instead there is a bigger problem that must be addressed or your garage may turn into the neighborhood public pool.

Water Heater Leaks

Most water heater leaks originate from the bottom of the unit and it could point to a serious problem. There are three common causes for water heater leaks that this article will address. If you sustain any water damage from a water heater that has leaked, you should call a certified local Miami company to come perform water cleanup services and ensure that no moisture is left behind to cause mold or do additional damage to your home.

Why is my Water Heater Leaking?

Your water heater is likely leaking for one of these three reasons: (1) a leak from the temperature and pressure relief valve, (2) a leak from the drain valve, or (3) a leak from the tank itself. If there is too much pressure building up, the temperature and pressure relief valve is designed to release a little water. The valve is armed with a discharge tube that connects from the valve and rests on the floor ensuring that any valve leak is directed downwards into a drain pan. If too much water is released and overflows the drain pan and forms a big puddle on the floor, there is a good chance that the discharge tube may be blocked, there is too much pressure in the tank or the valve needs to be replaced.

A leak from the drain valve is another possible culprit. All water heaters have a drain valve at the bottom of the unit used to drain the tank or remove any build up deposits. When the valve goes on the fritz it will start leaking water at the bottom of the tank and there is a good chance the valve itself could also leak. Replacing the drain valve is simple and this will usually take care of the problem.

If your leak is coming from the tank itself then you have an internal problem with the unit meaning that a component has probably sprung a leak caused by sediment buildup—the most common cause. When this happens your water heater will start to rust and crack prior to leaking. Your only option at this point is to replace the unit and recycle the old one. Keeping a water heater in this condition can pose a real threat to your garage, as a burst and flood could easily result.

Don’t hesitate in taking action if your water heater is leaking! And if a leak has already been dripping for some time, call a water damage company to come out on a free inspection to ensure your home and family are in a safe living environment.

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