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Water Damage Miami: Two Must-Have Water Gadgets for Little People

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on July 16, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is something that no homeowner should ever have to put up with, and when it comes to valued community members with mobility issues or physical challenges, sometimes preventing water damage can be an issue. But the best water damage Miami company will educate customers after providing water extraction services, and while striving to provide top quality service to Miami’s community of little people, technicians love to recommend products that can help reduce water damage and help make life easier. The following is a review of useful products that have been designed to make home life easier for members of the little person’s community by eliminating some of the steps and processes that pose challenges in daily life. Furthermore, some may just help prevent water damage problems!

Body Drier

Regardless of stature, the minimal amount of water that drips from a body that has just emerged from the shower can cause water damage by settling into the cracks between your tiled floor. Furthermore, when professionals come out to perform water damage restoration services they often find traces of toxic mold that has colonized the tile flooring in the bathroom nearest the shower. Depending on the homeowner’s mobility challenges, drying off can be rather rigorous and even risky as slipping and falling on a wet floor is always a concern. But thanks to the Tornado Body Drier, you can quickly dry off with warm, gentle air. This gadget is America’s best-selling body drier that dries 100 percent of the user, helps reduce falls, and offers a spa-like experience. In addition, this product is 100 percent veteran owned so in addition to reducing your chances of getting water damage and injuring yourself in a fall, you can also support former service men and women! Furthermore, this product is endorsed by Little People of America and is appropriate for both children and adults.

Stepping Up

Most water damage Miami companies perform a number of restoration jobs repairing damage caused by faucets that were not fully shut off or that drip. This can often be a challenge for people of small stature, but thanks to the Step n’ Wash members of the little people community can safely and easily step up to a level position at the sink. This product is also endorsed by the LPA and boasts a perfect safety record with over 100 million uses. It can also reduce your liability by keeping kitchen and restroom floors dried in hotels and other people’s homes. The Step n’ Wash can be bolted to the floor for permanent use, holds up to 600 pounds and has a five-year warranty. Don’t let excess amounts of water flood the floor due to an oversight at the sink; this product can make life easier, reduce water damage, and keep you out of a court room!

Research Your World

The LPA is a great resource for finding everything from home remodels, to clothing, and to household accessibility products. While finding the best water damage Miami company in your time of need is easy, looking for the perfect pair of shoes or the right adaptive bicycle can be more of a challenge if you don’t know where to find the best resources. Be intuitive and research your world!

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