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Water Damage Miami: Move over Ghostbusters, Is there a Pipe Ghoul in Your Pool?

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on May 7, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


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Regardless of the generation you were raised in, most people are familiar with the Ghostbusters—a team of supernatural exterminators that extracted ghosts and ghouls from the buildings they haunted. The best water damage Miami companies not only perform state-of-the art water removal services and home restorations; they also inspect plumbing systems for those little pipe ghosts and ghouls like rust or mineral deposits that cause disastrous pipe bursts. Your local water damage restoration technicians may not have Proton Packs or use a Dematerializer to destroy the sneaky little culprits, but they do have the licensing, certifications and training to hunt for water damage causes in even the most unlikely places and get to the bottom of the issue.

There is a significant percentage of Miami-area homeowners who have pools, and when a homeowner arranges for a plumbing inspection they almost always forget to have the pipes in the pool’s plumbing system inspected. All too often a little pool ghoul can get into your pipework and cause expensive damage to your property. By learning the potential hazards that can strike your pool’s plumbing and how to avoid them, you can better ensure that no pool ghoul lurks in the sanctity of your pipework.

What are Some Common In-Ground Pool Problems?

If not maintained, pools can crack and spill water into the ground or the pipes can burst. Considering how much water pools hold, these are concerns not to take lightly. An average 21-foot long pool with a 3-4 foot shallow end and an 8-foot deep end holds approximately 25,000 gallons of water. With a gallon of water weighing 8.35 pounds homeowners are, on average, swimming in a potential destructive force of 208,750 pounds. Needless to say ensuring your pool’s structural integrity is 100 percent and that your pipes are in perfect working order will help keep the pool ghouls at bay and ensure many years of aquatic family fun.

How Dangerous is a Pool Plumbing Leak?

While a plumbing leak may look small and harmless, it has the potential to cause excessive amounts of damage to your property if not corrected in a timely manner. Not only can a slow pool plumbing leak in our humid environment cause mold spores to grow and require professional mold removal services, it can rack up a pretty hefty water bill and you will find yourself spending more money on pool chemicals as the water loss will cause your pH balance to read differently. But there are more important red flags that the pool ghouls wave when plumbing issues are on the table: a pipe burst.

What Should I do if a Pipe Bursts?

When you discover a pipe burst the first thing to do is shut off the main water valve and then call a professional water damage company before the problem gets worse. When pool plumbing systems burst only a trained technician can determine how much water seeped into the ground and what kind of structural damage has taken place. Because most pool plumbing systems are run from the pool to the home, they are therefore in close proximately to each other. If the pipe burst has spewed enough water while you were away from home and you discover the problem hours or a day later, there is a strong chance your home’s foundation may be compromised. Furthermore, depending on your pool’s age and condition, massive amounts of flooded ground water can deteriorate the pool’s walls and cause 25,000 gallons of water to soak out into your property—a devastating and costly repair.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Pool Ghouls!

Well, without having a water damage plumbing expert inspect your pipes, you should probably be afraid of them. Pool ghouls are known for sneaking into the pipes like little tricksters hell-bent on shenanigans, and only a trained water damage restoration pro can squash them. In the movie ‘Ghostbusters’ Bill Murray was famous for describing the chaotic streets where ghosts floated to and fro and dogs and cats lived together in harmony. Don’t let your corner of Miami turn into a den of Helter Skelter; have a professional inspect your pool’s plumbing system and tell those pool ghouls to get lost!

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