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Water Damage Miami: Maintaining Your Sprinklers

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on July 14, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Living in Miami is pure awesomeness. We have the best beaches in the world, world-class dining, a great arts and entertainment scene, and a rich cultural amalgamation of many nationalities. In order for Miami lawns to stay lush and green they need to be watered regularly during the dry season, but did you know that sprinkler systems are responsible for causing millions of dollars worth of water damage across the country every year? The best water damage Miami companies respond to numerous calls in which pipe bursts from sprinklers flood crawl spaces, foundations, or water sprays up against the side of the home without the homeowner having any idea.  When you discover any such damage it is vital to call for 24/7 water damage restoration services before some major structural damage, rot or mold sets in.

Not All Sprinklers are Created Equal

Some sprinklers release more amounts of water than others, and 9 out of 10 times older sprinklers that came with your 70s bungalow produce way more water than what is needed to keep the lawn healthy. But did you know excessive watering provides one of the best backdrops for household water damage?

Make Time Your Ally

By determining how long it takes to water an inch of lawn, you can help conserve water and minimize your chances of falling prey to water damage. A watering gauge can be purchased at any home improvement store and will tell you how long it takes to water an inch. You should also remember to adjust your watering schedules throughout the changing seasons and base this time on how long it takes to watch a square inch given the particular time of year. Most water damage Miami pros say that the majority of water damage problems that stem from over-watering the lawn take place in the warmer, drier times of the year. So make sure to treat your watering time as a science and your house will tank you for it!

Seek for Leaks

You can help prevent water from flooring your home’s foundation by regularly inspecting your sprinkler system for leaks, as well as misdirected sprinkler heads and broken lines. Your sprinkler system is fragile and exists in the harsh elements. Therefore any water damage Miami specialist would advise checking it once a month—this will only take a few simple minutes and should also involve you checking your hoses to make sure they are functioning properly.  If the sprinkler system is of the in-ground type, be sure to run the entire inspection zone by zone. Look for any signs of leakage and damage to pipes or sprinkler heads. Leaks can send enough water into the home’s foundation to cause expensive structural repairs, so be thorough and diligent.  If you find any leaks or damaged parts be sure to fix them right away. If you find any random wet spots in your landscape check them out because it is a calling card for a broken pipe, damaged line, or leak.

Respect Your Sprinklers

Make sure your sprinkler heads are aimed at the lawn and not the house or the pavement. Also, make sure just enough water is coming out to keep your landscape lush and healthy without over-watering and running the risk of causing some damage to the home’s foundation or crawl space!

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