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Water Damage Miami: Gray Water is not Lady Grey Tea

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on May 27, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

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Who doesn’t enjoy a fine cup of tea? And if you prefer a sophisticated concoction created to appease the Nordic market that deemed Earl Grey too pungent, you may fancy a cup of the more refined Lady Grey—a black tea scented with bergamot, lavender, cornflowers and Seville oranges. Some like their “decadent grey water” in fine Limoges china, while others are content to sip it from common paper cups. But the last thing you want to do is confuse “grey water” with gray water—for while one is the very essence of a springtime English garden, the other is reminiscent of the filthy sable moat that runs past Satan’s hut in Hades.

So what is Gray Water?

Gray water, also known as sullage, is the nasty waste water found in plumbing that generates from showers, baths, kitchen sinks and hand wash basins. Depending on the irrigation system and county setup, it can also contain landscape irrigation and marsh water from wetlands. It also contains water from your washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances. Gray water is a far cry from the perfumed, aromatic “grey water” named after the wife of the Second Earl of Grey, and if anyone tried to pour you a cup of this begrimed brew, you would be wise to disown them, for it can contain a number of toxins and diseases. Sure, gray water is not as revolting as black water (a stew of feces and urine), but it is vulgar enough that it should be avoided at all cost. If you experience a pipe burst and gray water starts flooding into your home, call a water damage restoration crew without delay, as gray water exposure can make people extremely ill. Here are some common concerns found in gray water that can make even the most iron of stomachs queasy:

  • Dead skin
  • E coli
  • Grease
  • Dirty dishwater
  • Hair
  • Spit

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. The remnants of your son’s dead goldfish, blood from that wound on your hand, and that raw chicken skin you put down the garbage disposal could all be emulsified into gray water and bubble up from your bathtub drain if you have any plumbing blockage going on. Remember, gray water is a mysterious little brew, much like Lady Grey Tea. However, one is for sipping and the other is for shipping away with a water removal company. In fact, gray water is so harmful that the San Diego County Water Authority says gray water can’t even be reused in the garden to water root vegetables because it is too wretched and will turn your carrots into diseased vitals that not even a hobo would eat.

How do you Clean Gray Water?

A homeowner should never attempt to clean gray water on his own but should instead employ the help of a professional plumbing and water removal company that sends certified technicians out to the home to properly remove, disinfect and restore the home to its previous condition. Water damage is stressful to deal with, and it can have revolting consequences on your family’s health while drastically reducing the resale value of your home. Let the pros deal with your “plague juice” while you sip the lovely elixir of teatime bliss.

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