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Sewage Backup Miami: Ew, What’s That Smell

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on July 22, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup

When sewage spills this happens you really need a professional sewage backup and cleanup company.

Smell Death Surrounds You

It is two in the morning. You wake up to go to the bathroom and on your way back down hall you notice a strange smell crawling through the hall. You sniff and then sniff again. Stunned, nay floored, by that odor. You say to yourself, “Ew, what’s the smell?” You edge a bit closer to your basement door at the end of the hall. You take three steps towards the door and fling it open. A faint odor suddenly becomes pungent and the smell of death surrounds you. Raw sewage. Your old sewage pipe burst in the middle of the night and flooded your basement. Now you’ve got a real monkey on your back. Most people’s first instinct is to try and clean up sewage on their own. Don’t. You are literally surrounded by potential disease and death. Black water carries a massive amount of bacteria that can cause serious diseases. Besides, raw sewage is a disgusting mess that no one should volunteer to clean up. Instead, call sewage back and cleanup Miami professionals to mop up and restore your home.

Home Sweet Home

After your home is back to normal and you are singing, “Oh sweet home baby,” you should take a few steps to make sure raw sewage never darkens your home again. First, make sure you have a sewage back flow valve installed in your home. Our sewage backup and cleanup Miami professionals can help you install one. Make sure you inspect your plumbing and check for leaks. Most importantly make sure you pay attention to what you flush down your sinks and toilets. Even a simple man can make the mistake of flushing materials down a toilet that can cause a toilet overflow or clog up plumbing bad enough to cause a pipe to burst. If you practice a little yearly maintenance and a bit of discretion in what you flush down the toilet you will be free as a bird for years to come.

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