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Sewage Backup Miami: Which is Worse- Blackwater Worldwide or Black Water Bathroom?

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on June 20, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup

The name “Black Water” conjures intrigue, terror, and visions of disaster. Blackwater Worldwide was a military contractor company that was responsible for both the safety of Federal Government staff during the Iraq war, and an attack on civilians. Black water in your bathroom is a water damage emergency that happens when your toilet overflows, spreading death and disease throughout your home. Blackwater Worldwide changed their name in 2011 after new ownership took over and tried to clean up their PR look (and possibly, because they discovered the homonym.) Returning water in your home should be handled by a sewage backup Miami professionals with the right equipment. The best way to figure out which is worse is to break down each element into categories. Sewage backup and cleanup is a dirty job. Is being a mercenary dirtier?

Primary Weapon: Disease VS Military-Grade Rifles

At first glance, Blackwater Worldwide has a leg up here, because their primary weapons are military-grade rifles, where as black water can only transfer disease. Bullets kill more than 100,000 people every year in the United Sates alone. However, looking deeper, disease kills upwards of 1 million. The toilet overflow comes out of this match the clear winner with the ability to spread E. Coli, Cryptosporidiosis, and Campylobacteriosis. While only 7% of people plagued by E. Coli lose their life, the symptoms of Cryptosporidiosis and Campylobacteriosis leave the body in a state of constant flushing. Couple that with not having a usable toilet and you start to question the great quality or quantity of life debate. Disease in your bathroom outweighs rifles abroad, but not by much. Don’t fight back on your own, get a sewage backup Miami team to help you.

Tactics: Stench VS Defense

Since the beginning, Blackwater Worldwide has been a security firm, and defensive tactics have been their forte, but if black water takes over your bathroom, the stench may be enough to force even the roughest soldier out of their station. While defensive tactics may work well for protection, when returning water enters your home, you need to go on the offensive to get it out. The longer you allow stagnate water to sit, the worse it becomes. The smell only thickens and mold grows beneath the flood. Get a sewage backup Miami crew to aid you right away. Due to their valiant, if at times shady, efforts to aid important military officials, Blackwater Worldwide takes this round with their focus on defense.

Final Round: Blackwater vs Black Water
What would happen in the final round if Blackwater Worldwide went up against a bout of black water in their bathroom? Their high-tech arsenal and advanced training could do nothing against the intruding sludge. There is no doubt the Blackwater operatives would get all personnel to safety, but the returning water would win the day. No one wants to deal with disease and the smell of human excrement. Household, disease-ridden water is worse than military contractors because sewage backup can kick them out of house and home if given the chance. Sewage backup Miami professionals are the only ones that should be trusted to handle this type of job and sanitize the area.

What should you do if Black Water Enters your Home?

Miami is no stranger to floods, so if the water lines clog and black water enters your home you should call a professional sewage backup Miami company pronto for odor control, plumbing repair, and water removal. If military contractors storm your home, well… it’s probably time to turn yourself in.

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