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Sewage Backup Coral Springs

The Coral Springs Aquatic Complex is a world-renowned facility that is home to national and international water sport competitions. Swimmers and divers come from far and wide to compete at this large facility with its racing pools and diving wells. The last place you want to find a pool is in your bathroom. Don’t let sewage backup turn a day of victory into a day of defeat! Call our sewage backup specialists at 911 Restoration Coral Springs and we’ll be on your doorstep in a winning 45 minutes! Our plumbing and disaster restoration company has over 35 years of experience putting your life back together after a major disaster.

911 Restoration works with all insurance companies and is licensed, insured and bonded. We value professionalism and are available 24/7 with the latest in drying and sewage treatment technology and a free inspection. Our sewage backup Coral Springs team offers affordable prices to help ensure that your disaster restoration is as painless as possible.

How does Sewage Backup Occur?

There are many ways a sewage backup can happen. It’s common during rainstorms for the ground to get super-saturated. When water tables get overrun, sump pumps can have a difficult time keeping up with the volume surrounding your home and before you know it your basement is flooded and your toilets and sinks are running over. In your yard overly enthusiastic roots can find their way around pipe lines, crushing them and causing a pipe blockage. When a pipe is blocked a mass of returning water can build up and travel back into your home. If this happens you may experience plumbing leaks, a ruptured hose, or even a washer burst that will require you to send for a sewage backup Coral Springs professional.

How Should I Clean up This Mess?

Do you have HAZMAT gear? If so, suit up! You’re dealing with a category 3, black water spill. That means that you are walking around in human waste. Yes, it’s true. Your toilet overflow might appear harmless but it’s swarming with bacteria that is hazardous to your household’s health. If your pipe burst or plumbing leak came from a sink or shower, the grey water would be safe to at least mop up, but toilet water is a different story. What you really need is a sewage backup Coral Springs plumbing company skilled in water removal and decontamination.

If you choose to tackle a sewage backup on your own be careful and, remember:

– Keep pets and children away from the infected area. Curious feet can come for a look and then track pathogens throughout your house.

– Disinfect everything! Use the following solution (8 Tablespoons bleach + 1 Gallon water) to disinfect contaminated toys and areas like floors and walls.

– Throw away what you can’t disinfect with bleach or by washing machine.

– Completely dry the affected area. Water damage is no laughing matter. If walls and carpets retain moisture mold spores can grow causing further damage to your home and family.

– Wash, wash, wash your hands! The last thing you want is to get a fecal-oral disease by swallowing infected water.

Who can Help me With This Mess?

Plumbing repairs are not something to take lightly. Our sewage backup Coral Springs specialists at 911 Restoration have all the best tools for disinfection, water cleanup, and water damage restoration. Our same day service policy makes it so your life can get back to normal and you can rest easy knowing your home is safe.

Call 911 Restoration today for your sewage backup needs!


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