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Call Today! (305) 280-0755
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Call Today! (305) 280-0755
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Pipe Burst Hialeah

The Audubon Bird Sanctuary at Hialeah Park Race Track is home to a large number of pink flamingos. Flamingos have no problem wading through murky waters to find food and socialize with their friends. Humans on the other hand, are not so at ease. When a pipe burst, ruptured hose or washer burst turns your living area into a sloppy mess call our technicians at 911 Restoration Hialeah and we’ll be on your doorstep in 45 minutes drying your swamp and helping your life return to normal with our restoration services.

When you’re in need of water cleanup and a plumber at an affordable price, let 911 Restoration be your water damage restoration company of choice. We value professionalism and work with all insurance companies always putting the customer first. Plumbing leaks are nothing to laugh at so let the water extraction begin!

What do I do With my Broken Pipe?

Just keep swimming! Flooded houses are not the end of the world when you’ve got 911 Restoration Hialeah on your side. Our plumbing company will be on your doorstep in 45 minutes to help you with water cleanup and superior restoration services. You’re in good hands with our team because in addition to having over 35 years of experience we’re licensed, insured and bonded and use the latest drying technology. We always provide same day service so your life can get back to normal.

More than anything we want you to be safe, so before you call us make sure to turn off:

–       Electricity! One of the biggest dangers with water leaks is shock and electrocution. If you ever suspect live current in an area, stay out!

–       Water! The sooner you can stop water flow the better. (Especially if you have a sewage backup on your hands! Sewage carries pathogens and bacteria that is dangerous to have in your home.)

How can I Keep my Toilet From Leaking?

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your toilet in top operating order. The flapper and fill valve located inside the tank may look like complicated rocket science, but are relatively easy to inspect and maintain. We recommend that you inspect this mechanism and water supply line at least every six months. When installing and inspecting the toilet make sure that the water line connection to the valve is secure. If you notice intermittent or constant tank refilling when the toilet is not in use; the flapper or fill valve assembly may need to be replaced or realigned. If you are unable to fix it yourself or are in need of water removal or water repair, call our specialists at 911 Restoration!

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