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Mold Removal Miami and Urban Legends: Skunk Apes and Moldy Drapes

Published by 911 Restoration Miami on May 22, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection

Nothing creates a spooky ambiance like going to the Everglades at night to tell ghost stories and retell urban legends…except perhaps for a black toxic mold spore colony devouring your drapes and living room wall right next to the photo hanging of little Timmy riding the pony. Like the legend of the Skunk Ape, black mold is mysterious, frightening and emits a vile odor so foul that you would swear you were smelling Lucifer’s aftershave. If you ever spot a Skunk Ape don’t bother calling the police or you will get fines for making a prank call; instead take good quality videos or photos and hope for the best. However, if you see menacing black mold haunting your bathroom walls, call a certified mold removal Miami company that uses advanced remediation techniques to destroy the fungus infestation once and for good!

What is a Skunk Ape?

When exploring Florida urban legends you will likely come across the Skunk Ape—a creature that isn’t even part ape or part skunk but that gets its name from the fact it is a big hairy beast that secretes a vile odor. Some folklore experts argue that the Skunk Ape is a local name to describe Big Foot or a Yeti, while others believe it is a rare elusive primate. Although there is no concrete proof that the creature exists, the local news media will cover stories on the smelly sasquatch-like being showing clearly that there is enough public interest in the legend. For example, Scott Marlowe 55 of Winter Haven has made various headlines in local papers including the Tampa Tribue where he registers one of many Skunk Ape sightings in his attempt to collect DNA from the creature. Perhaps Marlowe has smelled the emissions from the creature’s bowels, and if the 55 year-old has ever had a mold problem in his home, he could likely shed some light on which offense has the worse odor.

What Does Black Mold Smell Like?

Black mold has been described as smelling like dirty wet socks, rotting wood and paper, and even a filthy wet dog. It is extremely important for a homeowner to know what the vile toxic fungus smells like for the sake of detection purposes, as the smell can be sniffed out before any black mold spores are even present on your walls or ceiling. Black mold has been known to cause a barrage of health problems including asthma, congestion, respiratory complications, lung disease and even death. Mold thrives in moist, humid places that get little to no sunlight, so if you have a pipe leak in your basement you would be wise to call a water damage restoration company to step in, perform water extractions, and fix the pipe followed by performing a free inspection for mold.

Black Mold VS. Skunk Ape

If these two were to step into a ring, mold would be the “Rocky Balboa” and the Skunk Ape would fall down in a KO like Ivan Drago; the reason being that there are documented cases where mold has put people in the hospital, and no proof that the Skunk Ape has even harmed a fly.

If you can get through life without ever having to smell the disgusting signs of toxic mold forming on your walls and drapes, consider yourself lucky. And if you see the Skunk Ape scratching by a palm tree, be quick to retrieve your phone to take what could be an internationally famous photo!

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